Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Double Release with Delphina Henley

Double Release


Siren Press Publishing is excited to be re-releasing two amazing Fantasy Romance titles from Delphina Henley. Unless You Can Be a Unicorn and Ask Me About My Unicorn are available in ebook and paperback through Amazon. Delphina will be signing books at Once Upon A Book Author Signing in Frankenmuth, Michigan on Saturday, July 20th. Visit the OUAB website for more info.

Unless You Can Be A Unicorn

"Always Be Yourself."
That was the last advice Scout's Grandma Nora gave her before she died. Scout
has spent her life trying to be anything but, but she has a chance to start anew
as she moves several states away to college. She had always thought the glowing
aura she saw around some people was a childhood fancy, but when it started
coming back just as she was starting her new life, she learns there was much
hidden about who she truly is. Thankfully, she has a motley crew to help her along
the way: a spunky bookseller, a trustworthy pub owner, a commanding
grandmother, a possible best friend, and a hot rocker boy who only has eyes for her.




Ask Me About My Unicorn

Loving a unicorn is easy. Yourself . . . ? Not so much.
Val is powerful, kind, a bit quirky . . . but the daughter of hunters. Facing your long time crush is challenging on a good day. But throw in a set of parents who want to sell him, his family and his friends in bits and pieces for dark magic and it adds a whole new set of problems. As secrets are revealed and danger mounts, Val must come to terms with where she came from and become the woman she was meant to be.



~~~Delphina Henley~~~

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Award winning author Delphina Henley is a lover of unicorns, fae, crafts, and of all things books. She has written in multiple genres but finds herself always coming back to her true love: shifters. She resides in the Midwest with her husband and four children.



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