Tuesday, July 17, 2018

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Lynn at 2 Girls & A Book says, "Stay With Me will restore your faith in fate."
Whiskey Angel Life Blog says, "It was a "just one more chapter" read, even when I could barely keep my eyes open." 

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Monday, July 9, 2018

The Desiccated by @nj_ember


The Desiccated - Part 1The Desiccated - Part 1 by N.J. Ember
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This little beauty has the WOW factor! OMG did I fly through this book and of course now I'm begging for more. It was such a neat story full of originality and characters full of heart. Although there was one particular character I wanted to cause physical harm to by scratching his evil eyes out. The author's ability to make you feel a part of this world she has created, makes it such a rush to read. The depth and intensity of the storyline allowed me to connect within the first chapter, which I just loved!

The Desiccated has everything and more that I want to read in a paranormal/science fiction book. Mystery, action and creepy twists. I cannot wait to see where the author takes the rest of the series.

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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Cover Reveal by Alyse Miller Brought to you by @SirenPress

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Title: Stay With Me 
 Author: Alyse Miller
Publisher: Siren Press 
 Release Date: July 24, 2018
Cover By: Qamber Designs
When one cancelled flight changes everything. Nothing in Lucy Granger’s travels has prepared her for the series of serendipitous events that lands her in the arms of the handsome and enigmatic Bastian Kyle. On their first night together, Lucy and Bastian are on the same page: she doesn’t have the time for a relationship, and he doesn’t have the heart. But when they keep finding their way back to each other in the most unexpected of ways, what began as a one-night stand starts to turn into the one thing that neither of them expected.

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Aylse Miller
 Alyse Miller is a young women's fiction writer with a penchant for romantic and speculative twists. Member RWA, Women's Fiction Writer's Association, and The Author's Guild.

Friday, November 17, 2017

The Men from Great Lakes Book Bash

This year I decided I was going to make an extra effort to meet the male authors at this event.  I have mostly read books written by females and after reading a series by Eric Asher, who is now one of my all time favorite authors, I wanted to make sure I didn't miss out on what the gentlemen had to offer, so this post is dedicated to the men of GLBB.

Author Donald Levin
He has written 4 books in his Martin Preuss Series, with Forgotten Child being his most recent release.  It's a suspense/mystery with Detective Martin Preuss on each case.  I haven't read them YET, butbI did purchase 2 of them to add to my ever growing TBR list.  I was told by a friend that they are amazing, so I look forward to reading them.  Donald is also working on a 5th book for this series.

To follow Donald Levin, please go to his website or Facebook page.

Author Jimmy Leonard
I approached this author knowing this was his first book and said, "Sell me your book."  LOL  He was on it.  He only said one or two sentences and I knew this was my type of book.  2 brothers, Heaven and Hell...yep that's all I'm going to tell you.  It sounds fantastic!  The Evangelist In Hell is the first book in what I am sure will be a great series.  To read the blurb head over to Goodreads and to follow this up and coming author head over to Facebook.

Mark Love

Mystery and Thriller writer, he is a native of Michigan near Detroit.  With crime being quite prevalent in larger cities, he found inspiration for many of his books.  His Jamie Richmond Mystery series has a fiesty leading lady, which is exactly why I had to have these books.  His latest release is Why 319? is the first book in his new series about a serial killer loose in Detroit.  Of course there is much more to the story, so check it out on Amazon and follow Mark on Goodreads.

Will Farell
This little man was meant to be in the Indie Community.  Not only did he sign my book, but he took photos for authors and helped out in so many ways.  The book Wisdom of Webeaux is based on many things Will has said and Meg Farell being so awesome put it into a book full of humor and hilarious illustrations by Susan Smith of Funky Book Designs.  This book reminds me of my sons when they were younger and honestly I couldn't help but chuckle all the way through.