Thursday, April 18, 2013

Arena Games: Petrova's Legacy/Review

Title:  Arena Games: Legend of Petrova
Author:  Tabitha Short
Genre:  Fantasy
Petrova the Pummeler is the Warrior of all Warriors, the master of the mythical orbs, until a fateful match leaves her damaged and unable to continue fighting as a warrior. Now she must take her place as a Master in the Arena Games and train her own students to become arena warriors.

Along the way there are obstacles: A band of thieves and murderers, a journey through the gypsy-magicked Wood of Gibbald, a little girl with many life-altering secrets, and dozens of competing warriors. 

Arena Games: Legend of Petrova is a story about friendship, love, revenge and betrayal.

Arena Games really surprised me. It was full of magic, action and so much more. The story was fresh and unlike anything I have read before. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I really got into watching Petrova's character go from being a highly regarded warrior in the arena to becoming a master that had to begin from the bottom. She had so many demons to work through, but what I loved about her was the way she never gave up. I felt her character really fought to keep her wits about her and I continued to root for her throughout the entire book. The story took me for a loop a few times and I really enjoyed that. The author kept me guessing and threw in a few surprises that I didn't see coming. I even found myself teary eyed a couple times.

I highly recommend Arena Games! If you love action, magic, raw emotions and throw in a forest enchanted with gypsy this book! I am looking forward to seeing where this story goes.

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