Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Review:Today Only- D. Love

Summary: In life, there are times you are granted a miracle. It may not be the one you wanted exactly, but it will be the one you need. It will prepare you for the next step in your journey and help you learn to accept the life you are given, even if that life can be heartbreaking. Title: Today Only Author: D. Love Rating: 5/5 Stars Review: This was another book on the list to read for the Sweet Sixteen reading challenge that I had joined. Thanks a lot Derinda Love for making me have more then one session of ugly crying (tears and snot). This book had one of the most powerful messages that I have ever read about. Honestly I think that Today Only should be used as a resource for people and their families who have a similar prognosis. It was very well written and a perfectly flowing book. It was also a story that a lot of people out relate to. I found the story very bittersweet. The best parts were all of the cameos and the mention of UtopYA!! I found all of the characters to be very humble and I love that they took everything just a day at a time.they are in a terrible position but always choose to make the best of it. I could see them all going through the signs of grieving and in all different ways. Also I found the characters to be funny and they kept humour in their lives despite their situation. They all showed courage. Each character was special and contributed to the story in their own way. This is a great novel and it has a message that everyone should read. But I warn you, you will bawl your face off. I would recommend this book to everyone!! About this author: Derinda lives in Maine. Her biggest passion is for her family and friends. She adores loving others as if it is the biggest gift life can offer. She is a read-a-holic, loves chocolate, cowboys and everyone on her Young Adult & Teen Readers Facebook page. Her dream is to travel to Australia one day. I am nothing but simple. I do a lot of volunteer work. I have 2 beautiful daughters. 4 grandchildren, that constantly ask me if I lived in the black & white days. My inspiration would be my daughters. Rita for her strength to keep fighting and constantly try to take care of me. Even though sometimes she cant get out of the bed. Kayla, for helping pick up all the pieces that seem to fall, when times get rough. And the love they have for me.

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