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LP Dover Interview and Giveaway

Let's welcome Author LP Dover.  I am so excited that she will be attending the Queen City Indie Con next year.  I will get to meet her and buy more of her awesome books.  Just another great reason to attend the event.  On to the interview and a look at LP's work.

1. What is your fondest, childhood memory?
Oh wow, there are so many it’s hard to think of just one … lol. I would have to say that Sunday dinners at my Grandmother’s house was my favorite. My Grandmother was the sweetest lady and she could cook a mean dinner. Her red velvet cakes were always the best and she would make me one every year for my birthday. I miss her dearly so those times I got to spend with her will always be some of the best times in my life.
2. Who was your idol when you were growing up?
 That would definitely be my mother. Even to this day she is my idol.
3. What song is "your song?" Why? 
The Little Mermaid “Part of Your World” song. My personal assistants are going to crack up when they see this. It’s kind of an inside joke. 
4. What's your favorite movie of all time? 
Definitely, Pride and Prejudice. I honestly think I’ve watched it over a hundred times now. I love me some Mr. Darcy.
5. Do you have a favorite quote?
 “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” Sometimes it’s hard to live by that, but I try.
6. Have you always wanted to be a writer? If not what did you want to be? 
When I was younger I always had a passion to write. I tried writing my first book when I was ten years old or so. I think it was about eight pages long … lol. I wrote a lot of poetry growing up and even wrote a special passage for my sister’s wedding when I was fifteen. However, I did always want to be a hairdresser, and an astronomer, a storm chaser, and a news anchor. There were so many things I wish I could’ve dabbled in.
7. Out of all your books, which is your favorite and why?
My favorite is Love, Lies, and Deception. I do, however, love all of my books, but there was something about the characters that I connected more with in this book. It was my first romantic suspense and I had a lot of fun with it.
8. What advice would you give to an aspiring writer?
It would definitely be to keep trying. I’ve learned so much since my first book and the more you write the better you get. There are times when you’re going to want to give up, but you have to push past that and believe in yourself. When I released my first book I had so much to learn, especially when it came to the criticism of others. I cried, I wanted to give up, and I doubted everything I did. It’s not an easy road, but once you get past all the bumps it’s an exciting adventure. 
9. What is your next project?
I am currently working on my fourth and final fae book called Reign of Ice. It’ll be released in November, and let me tell you, I am excited about this one. It’s going to be the best of the series, and better yet it’s going to be the beginning to a spin off series I have planned starting at the beginning of 2014.
10. Do you have an author who has inspired you? If so, who? 
That person would definitely be Quinn Loftis. She was the first indie author I ever read and I love her books. She’s also amazingly sweet.
11. If you could meet anyone (alive or dead) who would it be and why? 
I think it would’ve been cool to meet Cleopatra. She was smart and cunning when it came to ruling, and I love strong female leads. I guess that’s why I write about strong females. The only problem is that she wouldn’t know English. I would have to learn the Egyptian language she spoke at the time or atleast have a translator there.
12. Using 3 adjectives, how would you describe yourself? 
Vibrant, fun, and happy.
 13. If you were stranded on a deserted island and could bring only 3 things, what would you bring?
 Toilet paper, toothbrush, and a life supply of chocolate.
Chocolate is always a must!  LOL 

14. If you could have a super power what would it be?
The ability to fly. I have dreams all the time that I can fly and in my dreams it’s amazing.
15. What would your super hero name be? 
Super fly Faerie (Okay, that was kind of lame … lol.)
Actually I really love that!!  Thank you so much for joining me today!!  Now for LP's books and links. 

About the author:
L.P. Dover lives in the beautiful state of North Carolina with her husband and two wonderful daughters. She’s an avid reader that loves her collection of books. Writing has always been her passion and she’s delighted to share it with the world. L.P. Dover spent several years in college starting out with a major in Psychology and then switching to dental. She worked in the dental field for eight years and then decided to stay home with her two beautiful girls. 

Her works consist of the Forever Fae series, her Second Chances series, and her standalone novel, Love, Lies, and Deception. She’s really excited to be able to experience writing in the different genres. Her reading used to consist of nothing but suspense thrillers, but now she can't get away from the paranormal/fantasy books. Now that she has started on her passion and began writing, you will not see her go anywhere without a notebook, pen, and her secret energy builder … chocolate.

Forever Fae

He leans down, lips parted, and then our lips connect ...We didn’t know that this one kiss has FOREVER changed the Land of the Fae.

According to the Prophecy proclaimed many years ago, Princess Calista of the Summer Court is destined to change the Land of the Fae from the evil determined to destroy it. Her powers are phenomenal, and she secretly trains for battle with her handsome warrior friend, Merrick, who unbeknownst to her protects her heart as well, in hopes of keeping it for himself. At least, until the seductive Prince Ryder attends the Guardian Ceremony and instantly sends a fire burning through her veins and a connection so deep they both discover a love above anything imaginable.

No one knows how Calista is destined to change the kingdoms, but there is one that does. He not only craves Calista’s power, but her body as well, and his goal is to steal her power, make her his Dark Queen, and take over the Land of the Fae. 

Will the evil succeed in claiming Calista’s soul? Or will the two men that fight for her heart save her from despair, and help her fulfill her destiny to become what she was meant to be. 

Betrayals of Spring

The smell of rain vastly approaches as we are lying on the ground in a sea of flowers. They surround our bodies while the fresh Spring wind caresses our skin with its soft, gentle touch. Combined as one, we stare into each other’s eyes as we bask in the pleasure of our love and OUR land.

The Land of the Fae has flourished bringing a new beginning and a new court, the Fall Court. Five years have passed since then along with the dreaded day that Meliantha, Summer Court Princess and one of the powerful Four, was betrayed and broken-hearted by the sexy and alluring Winter Prince, Kalen. Spurned by the man she loves, Meliantha has turned and fallen into the arms of the fierce and handsome warrior, Finn, who understands she can never love him, but wants more than anything to mend her broken heart.

The Winter Solstice Ball is approaching, meaning Meliantha will have to face the Winter Prince and make it out of there with her heart intact. But what does she do when Prince Kalen acts as if nothing ever happened and seems more in love with her than ever before?

Summer of Frost

The Land of the Fae is strong with all four courts banded as one, but uncertainty still remains as they all work together to end the dark sorcerer’s evil reign. Sorcha—the one and only Winter Court princess—has a secret, a secret that she has enjoyed keeping for the past ten months. When a much awaited announcement brings her to the Spring Court, and face to face with the man in her dreams, will she be strong enough to keep up the façade of her icy exterior, or will she melt into his arms like she does in her dreams?

After formally meeting Sorcha at the Winter Ball, Drake—Summer Court prince and army leader—knew there was a fiery passion underneath her winter skin, a passion he wanted desperately to ignite with his own. However, with her frigid responses toward him he’s decided to keep his distance, except how can he when his dreams feel real? Seeing her again only ignites his interest, and this time he’s not going to let his arrogance or her frosty heart stand in his way.

Through unexpected tragedy, Sorcha discovers the one thing the dark sorcerer has spent his whole existence trying to protect, but what makes it more difficult is that only one of the Four is strong enough to retrieve it. The tides have now changed. With Drake’s help, will Sorcha find what she’s searching for? Or will the dark sorcerer beat them to it, shattering all hope of finding out the one thing that could save the Land of the Fae … how to destroy him?

Love’s Second Chance
Korinne Anders had it all. She had the perfect job, the perfect house, and the perfect husband. When tragedy strikes, her world takes a devastating turn. Six months after losing her husband to a car accident, Korinne vows it to herself never to love again. If she doesn’t allow another man in her heart, then there’s no reason for her to feel the pain of loss. This plan seems to work, but is put to the test when Korinne’s best friend can’t stand to see her suffering any longer.

Korinne’s long-time friend, Jenna Perry, has an idea and it involves helping her friend find the spark of life in her soul no matter what it takes. Korinne didn’t know that Jenna’s plan meant bringing back a past love, a second chance with the man that Korinne had to leave in college, but always kept a place for in her heart.

When Galen Matthews learns of Korinne’s loss and that she’s finally moved back home, he wants nothing more than to be there for her. The love he felt for Korinne years ago has never left him, and now he’s given a second chance to not only mend her heart of her loss, but to also continue the love they shared in the past. Will his love and determination make her strong enough to give fate a second chance, or will her fear of losing another love make her run away? 

What will Korinne do when she’s faced with a love so powerful that no matter what she does there’s nowhere to run from it?

Trusting You
I trust you …

These are the three words that Melissa Ashford wishes she could say to someone; to the one person she can fully give herself to and not worry about being betrayed. Being twenty-eight years old and divorced from a cheating ex-husband, Melissa enjoys her freedom until one night she finds herself indulging in a one night stand that changes everything.

There’s something about the alluring Brett Walker that has Melissa feeling things she’s never had with any other man; feelings that not only scare her, but push her past her limits. Just when she begins to open her soul to this new love their bond is put to the test when jealousies from the past try to break them apart. 

It’s not only Melissa’s trust that’s put on the line, but Brett’s as well. Will their love be strong enough to
get them through the lies? Will Melissa finally be able to say those three words she’s been dying to say? I trust you …

Love, Lies, and Deception
What do you do when the one person you thought you knew turns out to be the one you knew the least?

Twenty-three year old Marissa Chase, and soon to be college graduate, has everything going for her: wonderful friends, a lucrative degree, and a chance to explore the world. What made it even better – or so she thought – was when her path crossed with the alluring Alec Holden. Unable to stay away from him, Marissa experiences a love like no other, and falls into his world of passion and intrigue. However, things begin to shift when this path takes a deadly turn.

Her trust is put to the test when hidden dangers unfold before her, revealing secrets that have been buried for years. Secrets that were meant to stay hidden. Murder, lies, and betrayal … will Marissa figure it all out in time and escape with her life intact, or will she be too late and fall into the trap of deception?

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