Monday, June 29, 2015

WINNER: **Megan My Unofficial Journey to UtopYA 2015

Me & my sister Terri hitting the road!

This year was the most amazing trip to Nashville for the 4th annual UtopYA Con.  This was my third year attending and let me tell you it gets better and better each year.  I not only go to buy books and meet authors, but also to see friends and people I consider to be family.  Each year it seems my family gets larger and the time we share at the convention is priceless.   I want to personally thank Janet Wallace for creating and putting together the best convention.  My life will never be the same.

 Oh and did I mention I get to buy books?  This year my haul was filled with books from authors I met in previous years and tons of new authors.    I save all year long so i can support the hard work these authors put into writing amazing stories for their fans to dive into.

Here are some photos of the many authors I had to privilege to spend time with.

Authors Casey Bond and Rachael Brownell had a great table.  With the theme of the con being time travel, these ladies nailed it.  See you girls at Great Lakes Book Bash!

I was in complete awe of author Jennifer Martinez. Always beautiful and full of energy, I had the biggest fangirl moment and thought I would explode when she hugged me.

Author Natasha Hanova didn't have an exhibitor table this year, but I found her.  I have been wanting to meet her since the first year I attended and I couldn't help but becoming her stalker.  She was so gracious and allowed me to have a few moments of her time.  I just love her.  (I see you Natasha <3 )

My sister and I caught up with author Nancy Straight.  His Frozen Heart is one of my favorite books and I am waiting ever so patiently for Fractured Karma.  *clears throat
She is always one of the highlights of my trips to Nashville.

Author Patti Larson!!!!!!  She is so lovely and I was lucky enough to have breakfast with her before she departed.  Such a kind person and absolutely one of the highlights of my trip this year.

Author Michelle Miller is always taking care of me  whenever I see her.  LOL  And in the background you can see the always exquisite Starla Huchton.

Author Katie M. John was busy buzzing around all the panels, but I finally caught up with her.  I love her book Beautful Freaks!!

Author Komali DaSilva is so cute and sweet!  Truly one of the nicest people you could ever meet.  I squeeled when I found out she would be there!

Author Cameo Renae made my day.  She is never too busy to take time for her fans and friends.
ARV-3 is one of my dream books.  Not only does it have zombie like creatures and a kick ass heroine, but I have the honor of having a character named after me in the book.  DREAM COME TRUE!!!

Author Jo Michaels rocks!  Ok besides that she also made me laugh my butt off and even had time to have lunch with me and my sister.  It is a true honor to call her my friend.

These two are the heart and soul of my trip to UtopYA!  Authors Adam Kunz and his mother and writing partner Carol Kunz.  You can always count on a hug, a smile and kind words from these two.  I love them dearly and look forward to seeing mamma Carol in October!

Author Diane Reed made me cry this year.  Tears of joy from the kindness she showed me.  She has a heart of gold and a sparkling personality to match.

I have so many more photos and good memeories to share, but I don't want this post to be too long for you to get to the giveaway I have to share with you.  BUT  I have one more event I want to share with you from UtopYA.  It was a red carpet event that I had been floored by.  Author Cameo Renae and Timid Monster brought us the After Light screening that is based on ARV-3 The after Light Series.  Not only did we get to view this but we were able to interact with the arvie from the movie.  Let me tell you he was creepy, that is until he removed the sharp teeth and answered questions with his southern twang.  Then I wanted to hug him.  LOL

Creepy!! I loved every second of it!

Hanging out with Shelley Custer (who also has a character named after her in the series) and  actor Syderek Watson.

ARV-3 signed and in my hands!!!  *squeel

Now for the GIVEAWAY!!!!
A tote signed by many of the authors that attended UtopYA, swag and a signed paperback by Author B. Kristin McMichael.  To enter:  Comment below  "what  is your favorite genre?" and share on any social media!  
I have already purchased my ticket for next year.  This will be the 5th annual utopia convention.  *note the title has changed but the fun will be even more amazing.  To get your updates follow utopia convention on facebook.
OH YEAH! Here are a few photos from the awards night.

My girls! Terri Barber and Nanette Del Valle Bradford. I love these girls!!

Authors Sonya Loveday and Cadace Knoebel took me in and I swear they are my sisters at heart.  I want to move closer to them and go to Harry Potter World together!  LOL

Authors Komali DaSilva, Nadege Richards (my vampire sister) and Cameo Renae.  These ladies were stunning!

Last but certainly not least Author Brenda Pandos.  Beautiful, funny and a brilliant writer.  Although I might have to freak out, Truly Madly Deeply left me hanging a bit and wanting to smack someone.  Luckily I have the next serial to read.  LOL


  1. SO WONDERFUL TO MEET YOU IN PERSON, TINA!! Okay, I'll stop with the shouty caps now, but wasn't UtopYA the best? I just loved getting to hug all these people in "real life." Thanks for chronicling your journey, scrapbook style, for the rest of us!

  2. Paranormal YA is Awesome!!! Looks like a lot of fun ♡♡

  3. Wow.. lots of goodies in this giveaway. I love paranormal, especially shape shifters....

  4. I shared this on Facebook, Pinterest and Google+

  5. I love all genre but erotica, however loving paranormal and distopian more and more. I have shared this in my blog and fb. We will meet up next year since we missed out this year
    Us Girls & A Book

  6. I like NA and dystopian books the best but I read just about anything.

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  8. Ok, trying one more time! This would be so cool for my classroom!
    What's my favorite genre? YA, of course! I love everything about it, especially the dystopian novels. They are amazing for me and for my students to discover their own love of reading! Sharing on FB!

    1. You are our winner!!!!! Please send your information to this email address and mark it UtopYa Blog Giveaway.

  9. Accio, Tina.....
    Dang, I guess I need to work on that a little more. However...if you find yourself in Florida, Candace and I will most definitely will buy you a frothy Butterbeer and take you on a wizarding adventure ;)

  10. <3 I made the list!!! You're so adorable. Thank you for all you do to support indies! TMD 4 will be out in 2 days!!!!!

  11. Paranormal, historical romance. Erotica.
    Mostly those but I can appreciate all genres honestly esp if something catchs my interest .

  12. I love all YA - paranormal, fantasy, realistic, dystopian. Shared on facebook. Thanks!

  13. Anything YA! I love paranormal, fantasy and dystopian. Thanks for the chance!