Monday, February 15, 2016

Zombified Cover Reveal

First you were Zombified

Now get your Zombie Face on with book 2!



By Emily Walker
zombie face front
Brett was having a nice evening hiding from zombies in a closet with a girl he liked, when things took a turn ... and not in the direction he had been hoping for.
Now, that same girl has bitten off the side of his jaw and fled, leaving him alone to figure out what to do as he slowly starts to fall apart.
Finding a fellow bitten classmate --Eve -- the two of them race across the city. Desperate to find her family, and hopefully some answers to what's going on.
They meet several like themselves along the way, the bitten Brett and Eve try to figure out how to retain what they still have of their humanity and tame the hunger growing inside.
RELEASES 2/22/2016
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