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Cover Reveal: The Chosen by Kristin Clark


Available exclusively through Amazon November 20, 2018


Title: The Chosen Written by: Kristin Clark Published by: Siren Press Publishing Release Date: November 20, 2018

Chloe Caledone is counting down the days until high school graduation, ready for the day she can finally escape her boring small town and experience the world she’s only seen through other people’s eyes. So far, Chloe’s teenage years have been good but boring, and she’s managed to go through life unnoticed—until the morning of her eighteenth birthday. One fateful birthday gift and a run in with a group of the school’s most popular kids later, Chloe finds that her small town life is anything but boring, and her destiny just got a whole lot more dangerous than she’d ever imagined.

The descendant of the most powerful magical bloodline in history, Chloe has been Chosen. Together with her new friends, Chloe will find everything she thought she knew turned upside down in the wake of secrets, lies, and an unanticipated love triangle, all while she and five others descendants of the original Chosen fight to destroy a dark and powerful immortal—who has his eye set directly on Chloe.



Dearest Chloe, I hope this finds you well, child. You mustn’t be surprised by all of this. Congratulations on your eighteenth birthday. I am sure you have many questions, and you are still in doubt as to the truth of all this. It is true. This is your destiny, my child. You have all been brought together for a very important reason. All of you possess a gift that is unique to you. You, Chloe, are the key to it all. You are the chosen one. Much has happened over the past centuries. You are all descendants of very special ancestors. Your bloodline is the most powerful of all six bloodlines. You come from the original chosen one, the very first chosen one and the most powerful sorcerer to walk this earth: me. We did not know that this would happen again, but it has, and so it is your job to stop it. You are the only one that can, supported by the others that will stand by your side. You need them, and they will need you. They are under your wing; they will obey and do as you tell them, so be sure not to steer them in the wrong direction. You have the most powerful gift, if you have not already figured that out. You have been given control over the five elements: Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and Spirit. These will help you and protect you. You will need your powers for your journey. All six of you will have to come together to destroy him. I will give you as much guidance as I can, but the rest is for you to discover and conquer. You have all been given the gift of enhanced senses, not only of your surroundings, but also of each other. You will need this for your quest. You do not live in the world you thought you did. Walking among you and all throughout the world are witches, warlocks, werewolves, and all supernatural things you thought to be just a fairytale. You and the other chosen are descendants of the six bloodlines, the original and only bloodline of sorcerers, known as the chosen. Each generation of the six bloodlines have stronger than normal powers given to the first born for the practicing of magic, but are not given the powers of the original chosen. The chosen must be the first-born of the latest generation, within the same year, and on a night of the new moon. This has never occurred until eighteen years ago … your generation, Chloe, is the first chosen ones since the originals. Each of you has a parent that is a descendent of the original chosen. Some practice their powers and others choose not to and lay dormant. Your mother is one that has not practiced her powers since she was very young. Once you were born, she shut out all supernatural powers in order to give you a normal life, but this, Chloe … this is not something that can be avoided or shut out.

Aden, a wizard from a prominent bloodline of wizards, has long been in search of dark magic, a practice that is forbidden in our world. He has always been envious of the chosen and yearned to possess the powers that your bloodline has. Your powers, combined with the dark magic, would give him the power to destroy the world as well as immortality. There is one way to gain the powers of the chosen. You have to first take the life of the original chosen, and then the remaining chosen, resulting in the extinction of the chosen bloodlines. There has never been a generation of chosen to be given life all within the same year since the originals. Until now. This puts all of you in grave danger. Aden knows this and will come after you if he has not already. Trust your instincts always. The medallion has found you; it will keep you safe. You must never let the hands of darkness gain possession of that, or you will be left vulnerable and unprotected. This will be difficult, but together you can do it.

There is a sixth chosen. He has not arrived yet and is in terrible danger. You must find him, Chloe, as Ethan, the sixth, is your protector. He is your guardian. Aden has captured him to leave you unprotected, increasing his chances of destroying you. Use your senses of each other’s emotions to protect each other and find Ethan. You must use what is close to you to find the way. You are the leader, without you it cannot be done. Without you and the other chosen, the darkness will cover and shatter the world. You are connected to spirit. Invoke it if you need. When you need me, just listen, and I will come, I am always with you. You must go now; find Ethan before it is too late. There is not much time, my child.

Chloe, one more thing … there is another way to destroy the chosen. If you give in and turn to the dark side to rule with Aden, all light in the world will go dark. All that is good will be no more, and the chosen will be banished.

Meet Kristin Clark

Kristin is an avid reader and has been writing stories for as long as she can remember. Her three daughters inherited her creative mind, leaving no day uneventful. She has been a Litigation Paralegal since she graduated college and is beginning a new journey as a Realtor. When she isn’t working, carting her girls around to softball, or writing, she is hitting some trails in the Jeep with her boyfriend. Stalk Kristin on Facebook & Instagram.


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