Saturday, June 15, 2013

Release Event | Phantom Dreams by T.K. Harris

Book Title: Phantom Dreams
Author: T.K. Harris
Release Date: June 7th
Genre: Mystery Thriller
Length: 81,956 words, 273 pages
Presented by: As You Wish Tours
Cover Design by: Benjamin Poelman and Tipping Point


FBI Special Agent Jack Matthews finds himself on yet another serial killer case, having barely recovered from the last disastrous hunt. Still stiff from a gun shot wound in his leg, under investigation for a botched job, and having lost his fiancĂ©e when she walked out on him, Jack is beginning to wonder if it isn’t time to move on to something new. But, for Jack, these cases are personal and he can’t say no. 

Marketing specialist Kathy Gilliam leads a fairly boring life. If she’s not working or caring for her ailing father, then she is doing whatever it takes to avoid going anywhere near crowds of people. Her few distractions include her friend Margo Longfellow, occasional hiking trips, and her increasingly alarming dreams of women dying.

As her nightmares cause her to begin to doubt her sanity, the media releases news of the “Coast-to-Coast Killer” and Kathy discovers her dreams may be related. In a moment of panic, Kathy does something that places her on the FBI’s “persons of interest” list. Suddenly, her life is set on a collision course with Jack who must decide if Kathy is the killer or destined to become a victim.


Kathy Gilliam bolted up in bed with the echo of her own screams dying in her ears. Her chest tightened and she tried to draw a breath.

Fear. Someone screaming. She was screaming. No. Someone else. Someone running ... someone ...

For a moment, panic set in.

Fear. Pain.

Kathy took deep, shuddering breaths until the tightness in her chest began to relax. She looked around, still disoriented. Then a different panic seized.

Turning quickly to the digital clock by her bedside, she noted that the ever failing Atlanta power had managed to remain on during the night. It was five a.m. She hadn't overslept again.

Drawing another deep breath, she tried to shake off the vestiges of yet another nightmare, the same one that had been haunting her on and off for years. Though she could recall little detail, it was the eyes she always remembered. They were always different and yet the same in their reflection of fear.

Deciding she would not be able to get back to sleep, she rose and went into the kitchen to make coffee before heading to the bathroom for a long shower.

As she stepped out of the shower, Kathy felt the last images of her dream fading. Slipping on the long terry cloth robe that swallowed her small, five-foot-two frame, she reached for a towel to clean the condensation from the mirror and began applying her makeup. Though paler than normal, her olive skin looked well enough to skip the base and she decided to apply only liner and mascara to her dark brown eyes and a little blush. As the steam started to fog the mirror once more, Kathy reached for the bathroom door when she caught the glimpse of a strange, terror-stricken woman.

Her hand froze on the knob. As she watched, the face quickly became obscured with steam. Shaking her head, she reached for the towel to clear the mirror and found only her own wide-eyed image reflected back at her. Kathy flung the door open, shivering from the sudden draft, and turned to finish her makeup. Obviously, her sleep-deprived mind was playing tricks on her. Finished, she pulled her still wet, brown hair into a ponytail and headed to the bedroom to dress.

Wishing she could have just one night that was dream and worry free.

T.K. Harris was born in California and lived a gypsy sort of life traveling the world as a military brat. She has been writing since she was a child and as had several short stories published by various magazines, including one in Woman's World. She currently lives and works in Colorado as a Senior Solutions Architect and IT Instructor and has recently had her first novel, Phantom Dreams, published. She is looking forward to her next two books, already outlined and partially written. You can find out more at:

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