Thursday, November 21, 2013

Review: Persephone- Lavender Youko

Summary: Stockholm Syndrome. A psychological condition that causes a person to feel understanding, even affection, towards their captor or abuser. It's deadly in the sense that the person feeling the symptoms will not perceive it in the slightest. It has caused hostages to hold guns to their heads and pull the trigger as a test of their faith without being told that the gun is completely unloaded.

Equally deadly in the same fashion is Lima Syndrome, which is the identical yet opposite mental state where the one in the act of imprisoning begins to sympathize with the very person they are holding prisoner. It goes deeper than merely feeling sorry for them – it can even turn into emotions of love and compassion, even though they are the ones causing the trauma.

I don't know what my name is anymore. But he called me Persephone.
Title: Persephone
Author: Lavender Youko
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Review: I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review. 
Firstly I just want to say that this book tricked me because I thought it was going to be about Greek mythology but I was wrong. Although I did enjoy the similarities between the two. I do wish that there would have been two POV's because I would have loved to get inside August's head and have gotten even more background information on him. This book drew me in right from the beginning and held my attention until the very end. It was a quick read and I got through it in good time but I wish there would have been more of an ending. I want to know where everyone ended up.
At the start I was mad at Persephone for not fighting back against August, but then he began to grow on me. And this may sound rude but her life was way better with him anyways, I don't want to downplay the whole crazy situation but she had chances to leave and she didn't. She was happier with him. And I don't believe that she had Munchausen's either, she knew what happened wasn't right but her love outweighed the bad feelings. I also kind of grew to like Marcel, I'm glad that he was there to support Elaine during her time of need. 
Overall this was a great read and I want more of these characters and their stories. I would recommend this story to those who enjoy romantic, suspense stories. I can't wait to read my by this author.

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