Monday, March 17, 2014

Unnatural Occurrence by Peggy Martinez

I normally ignore the recently deceased. I definitely don’t stare at them openly or watch in awe and horror as the colors of their leftover aura meld into and out of them until they slowly fade away, leaving nothing behind but the slightest wisps of energy to indicate that they ever even existed. The dead can’t tell their side of a story. The living can’t see the dead like I can. Of course, I’m not normal. Never have been and never will be. Maybe I could have had a normal childhood. If it weren’t for the accident that killed my dad when I was three, if the very life hadn’t been snatched from my body for over seven minutes before I “came back” … maybe I could have lived a happy and ordinary life. Maybe. 
My name is Anna Morgan. 
I am legally blind … and yet I can see much more than the average person. 
I can see the dead. I can see auras. 
I can see that everything is not as it seems. 
If that worries you ... it should. 

*** This is PART ONE in the ongoing Anna Morgan Novella Series, Unnatural Occurrence. A new story will be released every 3-4 weeks, until Anna's story has been told. This novella is approximately 20,000 words. (About 75-80 pages long) *** 
****** Warning: This book is for Mature/NA/Adult Readers. ******

My review:
A very exciting beginning to a chilling new series. Peggy Martinez has done it again with a fresh new paranormal tale. I actually got the chills a couple times in this novella and that thrills me to no end. I give it 5 screams instead of stars because I truly think this could be one scary ride.

We meet Anna Morgan who sees things "normal" people can't. She sees auras,ghosts,darkness,wraith's and other things she can't quite explain yet. She seeks out Christopher Young, a professor of Parapsychology at Duke University as her last chance to figure out more about her gifts. Thank goodness for her he is a nice, caring and nerdy bag of hotness and agrees to help.

I don't want to say too much about the novella for fear of giving anything pertinent away, but I can say that I really think this series is going to be filled with some pretty fightening and surprising adventures. Peggy Martinez has such a way with words that you can feel yourself in the scene with the characters and experience what they are feeling. So grab yourself a pillow, Unnatural Occurrence and leave the lights on. This is the beginning of a thrilling ride.


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