Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Witches of the Glass Castle Review

The Witches of the Glass CastleThe Witches of the Glass Castle by Gabriella Lepore
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mia and her brother are shocked to find out they are witches. In order to learn about their powers and how to control them, they must go to The Glass Castle. At the castle they meet others like them and find that there are two very different types of witches, the Arcana and the hunters. Danger lurks near the castle causing Mia and Dino to search within to find their place. This is just a very general description and the book has so much more depth to the plot. I just want to be very careful not to give anything away.

I thought this book had a unique storyline and some pretty great characters. Colt who happens to be a hunter is pretty awesome. I love his cocky and confident attitude. He just has that certain something about him that pulled me in. He is by far my favorite character. Mia had some qualities that I found appealing too, such as her loyalty to her brother and the ones she cared for. I also have to mention Cassandra and Madeline, Mia's mother and aunt. They were hillarious and I wish they would have had a bigger part in the story.

I think this series has great potential to develop into a front-runner in the YA paranormal genre. Really enjoyable to read and actually quite addicting. I recommend you grab a copy, kick back and enjoy!

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