Monday, September 22, 2014

Updated Author's List for Queen City Indie Con

October 24th is approaching quickly, hurry and get your tickets.  Link will be provided below.
Update on authors attending! I am so excited. We have such a great list of authors.

Current List of Signing Authors
Adkins, Heather
Akin, Tami
Alcorn, N.A.
Amare, Mercy
Bartley, Regina
Bartol, Amy
Brown, Stacey Marie
Butler, Bryna
Cassar, Julie
Catalina, Tia
Cates, Georgia
Celi, Sara
Cole, R.D.
Cole, Stevie
Collier, Hope
Curd, Megan
Curtis, Laurel Ulen 
Daniell, Sara
DeLucia, Shevaun
Dover, LP
Evans, Amy
Fine, Chelsea
Glines, Abbi
Grant, Anna Lisa
Hahn, Chanda
Hayes, Mindy
Henley, Delphina
Holzman, Erin Moss
Houston, Courtney
Huss, JA
Isaacs, Elizabeth
James, Ella
Jason, Amanda
Jones, Sarah Ashley
Kappes, Tonya
Lane, Bayli
Lane, Jennifer
Lape, AJ
Laslie, Jennifer 
LeeAnne, Lynda
Louise, Tia
Lykins, TR 
Lynne, Donya
Mabie, M.
March, Meghan
McFarland, Mary
McKade, Jocie
McKinley, Laurel
Miller, Michele G.
Necole, Jettie
Norman, Zoe
Osborn, Jennifer
Owens, Wendy
Peterman, Robyn
Polish, M.R.
Provencher, Misty
Raymond, Kristine
Romig, Aleatha
Rose, Ranae
Rose, Sidonia
Ruiz, Mindy
Russell, S.C.
Rylon, Jayne 
Sharp, Elizabeth
Sheridan, Mia
Shirley, Sara
Sivec, Tara
Smith, Andrea
Sunseri, Heather
Swank, Denise Grover
Teevan, Tessa 
Toppen, Melissa
Vincent, Renee
Watson, Tess
Wellman, Molly
Young, Samantha

Our Keynote Speakers
Abbi Glines
Abbi is the #1 NYT Bestselling author of the TOO FAR series, TWISTED PERFECTION, The Vincent Boys series, The Sea Breeze series and The Existence trilogy
Samantha Young
Samantha Young is a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author from Stirlingshire, Scotland. She's been nominated for the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Author and Best Romance for her international bestselling novel ON DUBLIN STREET.
Have you purchased your tickets yet? 
 If not, here is the link to get yours:

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