Friday, July 29, 2016

1986: Why Can't This Be Love By R.K. Ryals

Title: Why Can't This Be Love?
Author: R.K. Ryals
Genre: New Adult
Release Date: July 29, 2016
Cover Designer: Regina Wamba
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Spring break her junior year is supposed to be Tori Allen's chance to catch the eye of wicked hot Corey Sanders, the bouncer at The Cube, an eighteen and under club. 

Only what should have been a night to remember turns into a grody tryst that chases her into the arms of inner city boy, Dylan Black. 

A malfunctioning photo booth, a crazy game of midnight madness bowling, and suddenly her memorable night becomes one totally rad adventure.

My Review:

In March of 1986 I was 15 years old, lived in Ohio and I remember when MTV was every teenagers life. I Played cassette tapes and made my favorite mix tapes to replay over and over. This novella felt like it was written about my life and brought back the feelings I felt during the cold war and when the Shuttle Challenger crashed. The authors descriptions of clothing, 80's lingo, and lyrics from songs I had grown up listening to, really brought this book to life. "Music made images and life stronger, adding an extra dimension of emotion to everything."

The saying, never judge a book by it's cover, rang true for Tori. She would find out the most awesome guy at the club, who she had been crushing on for months, was not at all what he seemed. Her dream of being swept off her feet by the handsome Corey Sanders turned into a nightmare. If it hadn't been for the knight in an ACDC tshirt, things could have ended very badly. 
"The tingles and flutters I'd felt in the club returned with a vengance, but this time, they felt different. Uneasy." "He was the kind of guy, the kind no girl wanted to find herself alone with."

Dylan Black (swoon) reminds me of some of the guys I went to high school with. Heavy metal, concert shirts and bad boy vibes rolling off of him. What I loved most about Dylan is that you would never guess him to be chivalrous and kind hearted if you were only going off of looks. Author R.K. Ryals always has characters with many layers that really touch my soul. Watching Tori and Dylan spending the evening together was magic to behold. I could feel butterflies in my tummy as they revealed more about themselves to each other. "I guess that's how you know someone means something to you. They make you see the world in colors beyond the standard black and white."

1986: Why Can't This Be Love is a great coming of age book written beautifully by author R.K. Ryals. It was a joy to read and as always I came away with something special. It brought back some amazing memories from my youth and also I think this quote sums up the feeling of the book quite well.
"It was March of 1986 in a small town in Ohio after a crazy weekend that changed who I thought I was, the people I thought I knew, and the kind of person I wanted to be."       Most Excellent!!

Author Bio:
R.K. Ryals is the author of emotional and gripping young adult and new adult paranormal romance, contemporary romance, and fantasy. With a strong passion for charity and literacy, she works as a full time writer encouraging people to "share the love of reading one book at a time." An avid animal lover and self-proclaimed coffee-holic, R.K. Ryals was born in Jackson, Mississippi and makes her home in the Southern U.S. with her husband, her three daughters, a rescue dog named Oscar the Grouch, her bullmastiff Luther Von Keisel, and a coffee pot she honestly couldn't live without. Should she ever become the owner of a fire-breathing dragon (tame of course), her life would be complete. 

An active advocate for autism, poverty, anti-bullying, and literacy, you can contact her at:
Twitter: @RKRyals
Instagram: @rkryals

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