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Author Sara Daniell Interviews and Giveaway

Please welcome author Sara Daniell.  She will be attending the Queen City Indie Con that will be in Cincinnati, Ohio in October 2014.  I am so excited to have Sara as my first official guest for my series of posts for the convention.  Well lets get started.
Author Interview:
1. What is your first memory that comes to mind?
Wisconsin winters as a child and playing in the snow from the time the sun came up until it went down.
2. What song is "your song?" Why?
Radioactive by Imagine Dragons because it’s awesome.
3. What's been your favorite movie of all time? Why?
Avengers, because it’s awesome with all of its action, super heroes, and sarcasm. Oh and the part where the Hulk beats the snot out of Loki? Pure awesomeness.
4. What is your favorite food? What is your least favorite food?
Favorite food would be crab-stuffed mushrooms. My least favorite would be cottage cheese. Ew.
5. If you could invite any 5 people to dinner, who would they be?
This is a hard question. I love so many people but if I could only choose 5 it would be, my husband, my dad, my older brother, my grandpa who passed away several years ago, and my Aunt Gloria.
6. If you were a super hero, what power would you have and what would your name be?
Teleportation and my name would be. . . Dorito. (I was eating Doritos. Hahaha.)
7. What inspired you to become a writer? Have you always wanted to be a writer?
I’ve always LOVED to write. But, honestly, I never thought I’d publish anything. I guess I was scared. So, I haven’t always wanted to be a “writer” per say. It took a close friend of mine telling me to go for it, to be a “public” writer. So, six published books later, here I am.
8. Which of your books is your favorite and why?
One that’s not published yet. It’s a New Adult ficton. No magic. Just normal people with a hell of a story. I’m not even sure if I’ll ever publish it. We’ll see. The reason it’s my favorite is because of the emotion and research it took to write it. I pour my heart and soul into everything I write but this book in particular. . . there was just something different about the emotion I put into this book. Maybe that’s why I’m so iffy on publishing it?
 But out of the books I do have published, it would be The Dwellers series. And it would be because of Plath. He has by far been one of my favorite characters to write, aside from Cohen.
9. Do you have anything in the works right now?
Daughter of a Monarch: The Story of Princess Aislin Denton. This is the story of Luke and Holly’s daughter from The Holly Nather Trilogy.
10.What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?
Be you.
11.Do you have any hidden talents, if so what is one of them?
I can pick up things with my toes.
12.Do you have a favorite author? If so, who and why?
I have so many favorite authors, and now being published, I’ve met so many more amazing authors that have become favorites. I can’t just list one
Amanda Hocking
Katie Jennings
J.L. Hackett
Molly McAdams
Kerri L. Bennett
Bonnie Lamer
J.K. Rowling
Stephen King
Veronica Roth
Suzanne Collins
Just to name a few. . .lol
13.What would you do if you were the last person on earth?
Ummm, anything I wanted. But I’d be really lonely while doing anything I wanted. lol
14.If you could have one wish granted, what would you wish for?
Okay, this is going to sound like I’m running for Miss America, but it’s truly what I’d wish for. People to be nice to people all the time.
15.What is the craziest thing you have done?
The craziest thing I’ve done is also the best thing I’ve done. I got married right out of high school. We graduated in May, got married in June. Crazy, I know. But 10 years later and he’s still my best friend, and I still get butterflies when he’s around. A love like ours is rare and I’m so thankful I’m lucky enough to get to experience a love and friendship like ours. Wow, I just got really cheesy there. Oh well, it’s the truth.
That is not cheesy at all Sara.  I think it sounds like a great idea for a book.  LOL 
Now for the character interviews.  First we have Orion from The Dwellers Series.  BTW I love this series.

(If The Dwellers were made into a movie, Sara would like Teresa Palmer to play Orion)

1. What is your name?
Orion Draper
2. Where do you live?
Right now I live at the Constable headquarters.
3. Where did you grow up?
4. What is your job title, social station/rank? How do you feel about it?
I’m Vesper #5. I can compel people to do whatever I want them to. I don’t know how I feel about it. It’s all still so new to me and confusing as hell.
5. What is currently your biggest responsibility/commitment?
I’m not sure how to answer that.
6. What is your current relationship status?
Definitely don’t know how to answer that. Too complicated for even me to understand.
7. Who is your best friend?
No one. I have no one.
8. Do you have any fears/phobias?
Living in this hell forever.
9. What do you dislike most about your life?
Right now, everything. Maybe things will get better.
10. Are you politically active?
Ummm, I guess you could say I am. I’m trying to figure out a way to find a way to right all the wrong going on in the Sphere right now. Does that count as being politically active?
11.What belief/person/institution would you die to protect?
I’m not sure anymore.
12.Who has hurt you the worst in your life, and how?
Too many to list, but if I have to name one in particular, it’d be Plath. And he keeps disappointing me, and I keep letting him. You would think I would have learned by now.
13.What secret would you feel most vulnerable revealing?
That no matter what, I’ll always love him. He could do anything, and I still would. And I hate myself for being this stupid. Especially, in a time like this. Everything is so messed up right now. There’s no time for love in the world I live in.
14.Tell me something no one knows about you.
I love junior mints. You know, those chocolate covered mint things? If I miss anything about Earth it’s that candy. 
15.What has been the most defining moment in your life?
If I said I’d be saying too much. I’m sorry, I can’t reveal something like that.
Thank you Orion for taking the time to talk with me.   
 Now welcome Plath.  (Between me and you, he is yummy)

(If The Dweller Series were made into a movie Sara would like Kellan Lutz to play Plath)

1. What is your name?
Plath Emmerson.
2. Where do you live?
Here and there.
3. Where did you grow up?
Here and there.
4. What is your job title, social station/rank? How do you feel about it?
That is confidential. I can’t speak of my title/rank. I can tell you that I don’t like it, but I don’t have a choice. This is who I am.
5. What is your current relationship status?
So. Damn. Complicated. . . Non-existent. Who really knows? I screwed up and did on purpose. Every single time I hurt her, I know EXACTLY what I’m doing. Maybe I’m not meant to love. Love. . . I can’t believe I just said that out loud. Pretend like you didn’t hear that. Next question please.
6. Have you ever mislead, or intentionally lied to someone to get what you wanted?
All of the time. It’s who I am. It’s my job.
7. What adjective would you use to describe yourself?
8. What secret would you feel most vulnerable revealing?
Who Orion really is. Not even she knows it. I want to tell her, but I don’t know how. She doesn’t trust me, and I don’t blame her. And explaining it would take a while, and I doubt she’d give me thirty seconds of her time. I know you’re wanting me to tell you who she really is, but I can’t. It’s not right when Orion doesn’t even know. Sorry, but I can’t fully answer this question.
9. What is your driving force/motivation in your life?
That’s easy. It is Orion. As cliché as it sounds, it really is all about her. Everything. There was no driving force or motivation in my life until I met her. I was just the ruthless son-of-a-bitch I was trained to be. When I met her, I felt a feeling that was so foreign to me. Compassion. Love. She motivates me to be good, but I’m not sure that I ever will be.
10. How do you feel about Orion?
Isn’t it obvious? 
11. What do you dislike most about your life? What do you feel is missing?
The answer to the first and second questions is: everything.
12. Do you consider yourself a moral/ethical person?
Depends on the situation.
13. What belief/person/ institution would you die to protect?
14. Tell me something no one knows about you.
I have to sleep with two pillows and that’s as deep as I’m getting with my secrets.
15. What has been the most defining moment in your life?
The most defining moment of my life was the worst moment of my life. I’m not ready to talk about it yet.
Thank you Plath for taking the time to talk with me.  ( He is just so yummy, shh!) 

If you enjoyed this interview, please check out The Dweller's Series.  I absolutely love it!
Glimpse (The Dwellers 1)
Orion Draper is not your typical Dweller. She is a non-conformist with an insatiable appetite for adventure. And trouble. So it is no surprise when she finds herself eavesdropping on a Constable meeting. One word that makes no sense, "Earth", sends Orion on a quest for answers.

What is this "Earth"? And why has it never been mentioned before? Her search is soon over, but not without a heavy price to pay. Forced to leave behind the only home she has ever known, Orion fights for the chance to return. Every corner holds a new danger, and every shadow hides a secret. No one can be trusted, and no town is permanent.

Will Orion ever return to Dandux? Or is she forever condemned to repeat this hell she now knows?
My Opinion:
I really love Glimpse.  Orion is spunky, and kicks butt!  Then you have Plath, sigh!  He is just yummy and a bad boy that needs tamed.  Oh sorry, besides Plath, the story is filled with action and keeps you wanting more. It has been a while since I read it and I am thinking I need to read it again!
Sway (The Dwellers 2)
I’m shivering uncontrollably in a corner of a large gray room. I am engulfed in an all-consuming cloud of fear and anxiety. Every movement I make is jittery and awkward. I close my eyes and open them again, trying to get them to focus. Nothing is staying still and I don't know if it's just me going crazy or if everything is actually spinning and changing shape. I shift my eyes to the lights, wondering why they keep going on and off. Or maybe they're not. I place my head in my shaking hands and close my eyes. In exactly sixty seconds I will black out again. I am not sure what day or what time it is. 29, 28, 27…All my days have consisted of is counting down the seconds until I will be submerged in complete darkness again.
More books by Sara Daniell
The Holly Nather Trilogy (Holly Nather 1-3)
Holly is just your typical college student. She goes to classes during the day and spends her nights either hanging out with friends or wasting an embarrassing amount of time on social networking. Her life is ordinary, nothing interesting or extravagant. That is - until she meets Luke. This enigmatic and on-the-verge-of-stalker guy brings excitement into her dull, routine life, introducing her to a world outside of her own...A world of magic...A world called Terre. As the saying goes: "With knowledge comes power" and with power comes danger. Holly is quickly and unexpectedly throw into a life of chaos, a life that she believed to only exist in science fiction films. Visions of this day have finally come into play, secrets have been told, and choices must be made.

(This e-book includes All 3 books in the trilogy, plus Brody's Short Story & Luke's Vision Journal.)
My Opinion:
This trilogy did not disappoint, it was fast paced and kept me guessing until the end. Sara had me crying, laughing and cursing throughout the series. I loved the romance and friendships. I am still speechless. Great series!
In Another Life: Cohen's Tale (Holly Nather 3.5)
*This should be read after the first 3 books in the series*
I stop painting for a moment and covertly look in her direction. She’s reading a book and is so enthralled by the words, that she hasn’t moved a muscle for over an hour. I smile inwardly as I take in how beautiful she is. Her dark hair falls perfectly across her cheek bones, blowing slightly in the breeze. It doesn’t make sense how a girl can affect me like she does. Just being near her is intoxicating. I hide it well, though. If she knew she gets to me the way she does, it would complicate things. I quickly push my thoughts aside and start painting again before she catches me staring at her.
Please go check out Sara's books.  You can find them on the following links
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