Saturday, September 21, 2013

Danielle Bannister's Twin Flame Trilogy

When college freshman Naya meets Etash, a terribly scarred sophomore, she finds herself inexplicably ‘pulled’ toward him.

As Naya and Etash fight against the pull drawing them together, they discover that their connection is too strong to be denied. A connection deeper than either of them could fathom.

Together they will learn that this is not the first time they have been ‘pulled’ together.

Nor will it be their last.

Get Pulled into a love story like no other.

Pulled Back 
Some believe that true love never dies. Instead their love is simply, reborn.

Jada is not one of those people. Used to being moved around by a father running
from his past by drowning his sorrows in booze, Jada learns that love is for fools.

Until she meets Tobias and Hawk; childhood friends since birth. What will happen to their friendship when fate takes over?
Two flames will reconnect while a third burns with rage.

Will the reunited lovers burn bright? Or will their flames be smothered?

Get Pulled Back into a love story that has been reborn.

Pulled Back Again

What if the love of your life was taken from you?

What would you be willing to risk to get her back?

Jada and Tobias thought moving away from their former predatorial friend, Hawk, would keep them safe.

They were wrong.

Join Twin Flames, Tobias and Jada, as they fight to keep their love burning bright.

Get Pulled Back Again into a love story that has no end.

Danielle Bannister lives in Maine with her husband and two small children. She has written Pulled, Pulled Back and is currently working on the final book, Pulled Back Again. She also has a collection of short stories called, Short Shorts. 
You can visit her at her WEBSITE, like her on FACEBOOKor tweet her @getpulled.
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