Sunday, June 29, 2014

Read-A-Long: From Gods by Mary Ting

Hello everyone!
So after attending the Blog Your Face off panel at UtopYA, Tina and I have come up with a new idea to keep our blog and followers both involved and happy :) Plus there is a bonus of  getting some of those books that we (and probably you) bought at UtopYA read and reviewed. We decided to do some read a longs starting July 1st/14. We are going to start off with From Gods by the lovely  Mary Ting. We would love for anyone who has time to join us. And if you don't have time maybe give this a share ;) this is our first read a long and our guinea pig, so we aren't sure how long we will need for this first book. Also we have some fun stuff planned for after with Mary. So please join and stay tuned. Thanks for all of your support <3

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