Sunday, June 15, 2014

Review: The Supreme Moment by C.G. Garcia

Title: The Supreme Moment
Author: C.G. Garcia
Pages: 322
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Summary: The moment a bunch of men with guns kicked in the doors of her house, eighteen-year-old Avery Morgan knew her estranged father's gambling addiction had finally caught up to her family in the worst way. On the brink of doing something unspeakable to save her little sister from being taken, she is interrupted by the sudden arrival of Darrien Stathos, a business mogul whose true persona is rumored to be the lord of the criminal underworld known as Kairos. Darrien announces that he is also there to collect on a contract with Avery's father—for Avery. As she struggles with the reality of being the property of an alleged crime lord and the constant harassment of two FBI agents, several disturbing observations about Darrien's eyes and the frightening, inexplicable ways he stops a couple of would-be assassins make Avery rethink her initial dismissal of some of the more outlandish gossip that questioned his humanity. Add to that learning a disturbing and dangerous truth about herself, and Avery is ready to break, especially when the truth of Darrien's identity is something that will shatter the very foundation of her understanding of reality.
Review: I received this book free from Goodreads First Reads in exchange for an honest review. This was another book that I entered to win on a whim. I wasn't to sure what it was about but i thought that the cover looked interesting. I didn't have any expectations going in but this book sucked me in and in a very short time. I finished the book in one sitting. I haven't read anything quite like it, ever. It's very hard to explain, it is basically aliens but with a mythological feel and undertones. The author went into great details creating the worlds and inhabitants of this novel.  The characters in this book were all so well described and developed. I loved getting to peel back Darrien's layers with Avery. I loved watching the thought process behind Avery's thoughts and actions. I'm excited for the next book to see where these two end up. I would recommend this novel to anyone who likes different and unique stories. The Supreme Moment was such a great read and I look forward to reading book two. 

About this author

C.G. Garcia lives in a small West Texas town whose claim to fame is having the world’s largest Rattlesnake Round-up. She has a degree in computer science, but due to life’s twisted sense of humor, ended up working in a pharmacy. A lifelong lover of all things fantasy and science fiction, The Supreme Moment is her debut novel.

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