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Release Day for Peggy Martinez's Eventuality

Eventuality (Book 3 Time Warper Series)
Peggy Martinez 
Bombs have rocked Sage Hannigan’s world.

All manner of preternaturals have exposed themselves to the human population and taken over, causing innumerable deaths and mass destruction worldwide. Now Sage is furious. She’s angry that lives were lost, that the Time Warper she was trying to save died, that people all over the world are going hungry, and most of all, she is enraged that the lives of everyone she loves are in danger because of her. 

When her eyes are finally opened to the truth of who is behind all the chaos, she finds herself in a race against time to stop her most powerful adversary yet… before it’s too late. 

Too late for her, her friends, and too late for the world.

My favorite book boyfriend of all time!!!  Soren  *sigh
My review:
This book proves once again why the Sage Hannigan Time Warper series is my favorite series of all time. Sage Hannigan totally kicks a**. I admire her desire to put the safety of the people she loves above her wants and needs. This makes her an even more compelling leading character. She may not always wear her heart on her sleeve, but you can feel her pain or passion in her actions. I just love her.

Of course one of the other reasons I am so hopelessly addicted to this series is the leading men. We have Soren, my number 1 book boyfriend and super sexy vampire. Aldwin, the handsome Dark Fae prince that caught Sage's attention in Contingency. And now we meet a new character Lucio, a mysterious and equally seductive vampire. 

The stakes are even higher in Eventuality. Sage has to make some tough decisions to save the people she loves and to try to save the human race from destruction. 

Eventuality is full of the clever wittiness that I always expect from Peggy's writing. Character's you can't help become invested in and a story that just rocks! I Love this book and I am so glad that there will be more books in this series. Be warned you may want to throw something when you get to end of the book. Peggy left me on the edge of a huge cliff screaming..."What? I need more!!"

Sage totally wins my award for being the most kick a** female! 

Sage Hannigan: Faerie Fashion & excerpt! 
Several chapters involve Sage wearing a very special outfit made for her by a Faerie seamstress. Here is a little look into what the outfit may have looked like!

I stepped closer to the mirror, my eyes wide as I studied my reflection. My pants were made of the softest and thinnest navy blue silk I’d ever seen. They were wide legged and hung on me perfectly, accenting my back-side, but falling loose and comfortable just in case I need to throat-kick someone. I smiled. My top was truly something to behold. Made of the same shimmery blue fabric, the corset-like top wasn’t constricting in any way. It fit me like a glove and yet I felt like I was wearing nothing at all. The straps were two inches wide and soft as velvet. Tiny clock cogs and parts were meticulously sewn into the neckline and the hem of the corset, giving it a unique look that screamed one-of-a-kind. I felt the extra fabric between my shoulder blades and gasped when I knew exactly what had been sewn there. Perfect slots for the twin blades I’d brought with me from the human realm. I hadn’t even brought them to her shop and yet the little, old faerie woman had known. 

If my outfit was a marvelous invention, it had nothing on what the faeries had done with my makeup and hair. My eyes had been darkened as had been my lashes, but the real artwork began after the basics. There was such intricate drawings around my eyes in indigo blue, that at first glance and from a distance you’d think I was wearing a mask across my eyes. The pattern was tiny and mimicked my warper tattoos. Bad ass for sure. Some light dust had been swiped across my shoulders, making my newly-glowing tattoos stand out even more starkly against my skin and the deep blue of my outfit. My hair was left loose, but by miracles of miracle the curls were soft and perfect, not the frizzy mess they usually were. Somehow the faeries had managed to weave tiny clock parts into my hair, bringing my entire look together like magic. I smiled widely at my reflection and then turned to the bed and picked up my twin blades. I slid them effortlessly into my corset and turned to the remaining fae.
Total swoonworthy moment in the book.  

About the awesome Peggy Martinez:
When not writing, Peggy can be found spending time at home with her husband, her teen son, and four little girls. She loves reading, writing, soap making, aromatherapy, gangster movies, prepping for the zombie apocalypse, and downing insane amounts of Twizzlers and Kazoozles.

As if being a wife and homeschooling mom of five doesn't keep her busy enough, Peggy Martinez is a full time Author who has six published books, including The Time Warper Series, State of Decay, Sweet Contradiction, and Unnatural Occurrence. Peggy's dream is to own a small homestead where she can raise some chickens along with her five kids, tend to a large garden, and one day take her dream vacation's to Ireland, Greece and Scotland.

The State of Decay series was picked up by Permuted Press and will re-release along with two more books planned in the series. Another trilogy, an alternate history, post apocalyptic series, will also be debuting via Permuted.

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Contingency #1 (FREE):

Relativity #2 ($0.99 for 3 days only):

EVENTUALITY #3 (new release! $2.99):
Barnes & Noble- (coming soon)

Author Interview:
Peggy Martinez & 20 Questions with 1-word (mostly) answers!

1. Favorite Book? Jane Eyre

2. Favorite Food? Mexican

3. Favorite Candy? Kazoozles

4. Favorite Music? Oldies

5. Favorite kid? LOL

6. Beach, Mountains, or City? Mountains

7. Vanilla, Strawberry, or Chocolate? Sherbet

8. Favorite Romance Movie? Braveheart. What?

9. Favorite Zombie Flick? Zombieland

10. TV Series? Game of Thrones

11. Actor Crush? Denzel 

12. Most disappointing book-to-television series? True Blood

13. Astrological Sign? Aquarius

14. Hardest book to write so far? Eventuality

15. Worst Fear? Heights

16. Writing snack of choice? Slim Jims

17. Favorite Author? Charlotte Bronte

18. Xbox or PS3? Umm, Gamecube? 

19. Describe yourself in one word. Whackado

20. Who does Sage end up with in the Time Warper series? Muahahaha!

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I couldn't forget my Dark Fae Prince!!!  Hot!!
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